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Find out more about becoming a Market Centre Operating Principal and be part of the Global Brand that creates successful Estate Agency business owners

We are keen to talk to individuals that aspire to run their own Market Centre and be part of the Keller Williams growth across the UK, driving a change in our industry and empowering individuals to build their own businesses and deliver incredible customer service.

What is an Operating Principal?

An Operating Principle is the business owner and the individual to whom a KW Market Centre operating licence is granted. The OP is the driving force behind attracting and inspiring their Market Centre leadership team and delivering first class support for Agents starting and building their businesses, in line with the KW models

Building better futures

The OP will be actively involved with the Market Centre on a full-time basis until it has reached at least 50 Agents, at this point the OP may hand over the day-to day management of the Centre to their leadership team. Most OPs at that point are looking towards their second Market Centre.

A great Operating Principal…

Will genuinely care about people and like helping them
Have a good understanding of the property industry
Be an inspirational leader, able to attract and retain talent
Have strong leadership, management and financial skills
Find out more about becoming an Operating Principal

Keller Williams. Challenging Real Estate practices in the UK

We are moving the property industry from TRANSACTIONAL based to RELATIONSHIP based, where Customers and Agents both have a better experience

TRANSACTIONAL Estate Agents have a relationship with their customers while they are moving. At Keller Williams moving is just the start of our relationship with our customers

KW Agents aim to become a customers go-to property person for life, building their relationship by adding value

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Estate Agency Business

The opportunity

The KW model is high volume low margin, this means that each Agent individually contributes relatively little, but with a significant Agent count (50+), a Market Centre will become a very profitable business opportunity.

The key is to ensure the Agents have a great value proposition, some of this will be provided by the systems and tools that are provided as part of the Market Centre package, but the majority of it will be provided by the leadership team itself.

If you think you have what it takes to be an inspirational leader, the opportunities are almost endless.

Investment Structure

You will need to have sufficient investment and there are many ways to structure a Market Centre investment group and we can model every scenario for you.

As part of every OP journey we will complete a full financial plan, this will allow us to model your proposed Market Centre together and forecast investment level, growth and profitability. Each territory has sufficient transactions, at the local house price, to allow each Market Centre to generate profits. This is usually reached at circa 100 Agents.

Keller Williams Market Centre

Agent-centric approach

Market Centre teams exist to support our Agents, it is their whole purpose – to attract suitable Agents to their Market Centre, create a great joining experience,  get them set up for success and consult with them to help build their business.

Brand matters and yours is #1

Everything we do is about creating a great environment to support our Agents and every decision we make is fundamentally driven by what is best for our Agents.

Each Market Centre has a Agent Leadership Council that are part of the leadership and decision-making process in every Market Centre – the ALC is made up from the top Agents in each Market Centre

Built by Agents for Agents

Courses taught at the Market Centre for Agents at every level

Learning for earnings sake

Keller Williams University provides an industry-leading curriculum covering all aspects of running a successful Estate Agency business in the UK.

We are often described as a training and technology company that just happens to be in the business of real estate.

Luke Jones
Our newest Operating Principal

Manager Quote

Becoming the Operating Principle of a Market Centre, I’ve arrived at the place I know I’m meant to be; After a career serving buyers and sellers, I wanted to give back to my community of Agents. By becoming an OP and leveraging the power of Keller Williams, I can impact the lives of our Agents and Associates more effectively by providing them the opportunity to build their own businesses meaning they can better serve their own communities. My motto is Take action, Build Communities and Earn Freedom. Being an Operating Principal empowers me to do that.

Estate Agency Business Owner

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