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6 Things To Love About Being A Keller Williams Agent

At Keller Williams, this way of thinking is fully ingrained into everything we do. We’re a close-knit team of Scotland-based estate agents, with a global family of 185 000 highly-trained estate agents and training partners located all over the world.

Being a Keller Williams agent is both rewarding and stimulating. We each put our own personal stamp on the way we do things, with the full support of a world-renowned agency looking after us every step of the way.

It is through care and support that we as Keller Williams agents have learned to create that caring feeling with our clients. We do it for the people, and that makes all the difference!

Below are the 6 things to love most about choosing a Keller Williams Estate Agent:

I'm Local To You

It doesn’t matter if you live in the heart of the city or in the far-flung corners of rural Scotland. When you sell your house with Keller Williams, you’ll have a local agent who lives just around the corner from you.

This means we can meet for a coffee, form a personal connection, and develop a deep sense of trust before putting your house on the market.

I Have Authentic Community Knowledge

Because I am local to your area, I know the community on a personal level. I understand which schools will impact your sale, where the best beaches are, and how the parking system works.

I’ve been carefully trained to explore why you love where you live, and I know just how to translate your experience into a compelling sales story that will shift your house in no time at all.

I Am A Business Owner

Each and every Keller Williams agent is responsible for their own business. This allows us to work with the client in mind, and reduces all the straight lines which often come with big businesses.

I Only Work With A Handful Of Clients

If there’s one thing that’s proven time and time again to ensure superior service, it’s to limit the number of clients I take on at any one time.

Being selective keeps my workload easily manageable, so I’m always just a quick call away. You’re welcome to get in touch at any time, be it to explore and idea, ask me a question, or just to have me pop round with the key to let the cleaners in.


Personal Service

Keller Williams agents work for themselves, so each and every client has a personal impact on me.

I make it my mission to really get to know you, and to develop a trusting relationship with you, so we can always be sure to have your best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Flexible Hours

Selling a property often means thinking about your home outside of your regular working hours, so we like to keep things flexible.

I’ll fit in with your day however it best suits you. I work in the evenings, over the weekends, and during your lunch break. This keeps the process relaxed, so you don’t need to take time off work to sell your house.

Let Me Take Care Of It For You

If you’re thinking of selling a property and wish to explore your options, I’m here to assist you with my expert knowledge and sound leadership, with the experience of 185,000 estate agents all rolled into one.

Get in touch for your free home valuation, and discover just how easy it is to sell your  property with Keller Williams today!