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Create the feeling.

Over the years Keller Williams has followed the trends in the industry using a people-first approach. This has allowed us to understand some of the simpler ways you can create that ‘buy my house today’ feeling in your property.

Take a look at our top tips to help you sell your home with complete peace of mind

Add Perceived Value To Your Home Before Putting It On The Market

Buying a home is a feeling, so one of the easiest ways to attract more than one offer is to make sure your property feels good as soon as your viewers arrive.

It’s easy to add value by refreshing your carpets with a simple shampoo, cleaning away any mould, or giving surfaces a quick once-over. There are also a few other nifty tricks you can do to add perceived value to your property, which will help you win higher offers.

Think about how other people may react to your decor. Consider painting the walls and ceilings in a neutral colour, or going over the trims with a touch-up brush.

A home can be freshly-painted for little over £100, but selling a property that’s newly-decorated as a blank canvas, ready to make your mark, can push the selling price up by a few thousand pounds.

You may also like to offer some modern conveniences, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. A built-in dishwasher, new kitchen cupboards, or even a power head in the shower can all help your home feel more luxurious, and more expensive, which will attract higher offers with minimal upfront investment.

Get your Home Ready For Viewings

Clean, impersonal homes sell more quickly. The goal is to make your house feel simultaneously uninhabited, and perfectly lived-in.

Being house proud can make a sale more efficient, because clean homes feel more comfortable, and are therefore more likely to induce that feel-good atmosphere when potential buyers walk through your door.

Invest in a professional cleaner to deep clean your property, paying careful attention to the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the windows and frames. Check the lights work, make beds, clean your carpets, and put away any clutter.

Once your property is looking slick, think about how it would work as a hotel.

Prepare your bathroom with fresh towels, neatly folded, and add a few warming touches to make it feel inviting. You may also like to put some fresh flowers in the kitchen, do some aromatic baking before your viewings, or brew a fresh pot of coffee before your viewers arrive.

The result should be a warm, welcoming space that’s ready for the next occupant to call their own.

Prepare For The Emotional Change Of Selling Your Property

Selling a property is always filled with mixed emotions, so it’s important to keep the process positive by thinking about the benefits of moving.

Whether you’re making a fresh start, looking to increase your financial status on the property ladder, move to better catchment areas, or start an ambitious project, finding the right buyer for your current home will help you get there.

One of the top ways to deal with the stress of selling is to build a relationship with your estate agent, so you can ask questions and seek reassurance at any time as needed.

Let Your Estate Agent Do What We Do Best

At Keller Williams we’ve seen it all, from beautiful homes with all the special touches, to messy homes that need a lot of work! We’re here to help you spot any potential pitfalls which may make your home feel less valuable than it’s actually worth.