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What Do Estate Agent Fees Usually Include (And Why Are They Always Worth It)?

Estate agent fees can sometimes be controversial but this is because people don’t always understand the full value a skilled property seller brings to the process. At their core, agent fees are the price you pay for peace of mind, but what does that actually mean when some agents charge more than others?

At Keller Williams, our fees embody our personal approach to giving you the best possible experience when it comes to selling your home.

This includes an array of intangible services which are often unseen, but make all the difference when it comes to winning the top sale price for your property, and completing the sale in a smooth and simple way.

Here are just a few of the added extras you’ll get when you sell your home with Keller Williams.

Market Insights

We have access to up-to-date property market insights, with well-trained people who know how to interpret the data properly. We understand how to predict which way the market will turn.

This knowledge means we can help you sell at the right time to maximise your return on investment, or price your property correctly to warrant a quick sale without losing out.

Glowing Track Record

Keller Williams is widely reputed for being a caring business, with a focus on doing what is right for the client. We take pride in service seriously, so our agent reviews speak for themselves.

This track record means we sell properties faster than many of our competitors, because we focus our energy on finding the right buyers, and selling your home in the right way keeping our clients always in the forefront of our mind.

A Personal Touch

Your home is part of our story. When you bring your home onto market with Keller Williams we’ll take our time to represent you and your property in the best possible light.

This means speaking to you about all the quirks and nuances of your home, walking you through the sales process, advising on the little extras you can do to make your home more attractive, and advocating for you when buyers make their offers.

Process Support

Selling a property is not just a case of putting it on the market and waiting for somebody to hand over their money. The property market is complex, and you’ll need to deal with various professional services before the sale can be completed.

Keller Williams has access to full industry support, with established relationships and a solid working knowledge of the entire property process. From solicitors to mortgage advisors, we’ll make sure your sale is perfect, and we’ll keep your move stress-free.

Expert Negotiation

You want a worthwhile price for the sale of your property, and your buyers want the best value for money.

Negotiating a house price can be quite fraught, especially if you’ve got an emotional investment involved. Buyers and sellers will always be at odds, and many sellers simply have no measure of what a strong offer really looks like.

 An experienced negotiator can help you gain confidence in your sale, so you can take an objective viewpoint on the process. Keller Williams is here to navigate the negotiations on your behalf, so always you’ll someone in your corner when potential buyers try to knock your price down.


Marketing is where an agent’s experience can be invaluable.

Stand-out agents know exactly what’s selling in your area, which features are in most in demand, how to get superb promotional photos, and where to place your ads for maximum exposure.

Seasoned estate agents know precisely how to pull on the emotional heartstrings that delight and inspire potential buyers.

Helping Hands

An often-underrated benefit of having a professional estate agent take care of your house sale is they can be there when you’re unavailable.

If you’re going away on holiday, need to be at work, or simply don’t like showing people around your home, your Keller Williams partner can be there to do all the talking for you.

Estate agents are also able to let professionals into properties for vital services such as producing the home report, providing a cleaning service or taking professional photos. This keeps the process flowing, and means you don’t need to make time for things you would rather not be doing.


Objective Support

Estate agents make sure everything runs smoothly, which requires experience, people skills and often a little charm.

We’re used to dealing with the issues that may crop up unexpectedly during a house sale. We can advise you objectively if you feel uncertain about any of the details at any time in the process.

The Value of Keller Williams’s Experience is Immeasurable.

When you sell your property with the right estate agent you should feel welcome from the start, and you should also feel that you can trust your agent to negotiate well on your behalf, in your best interests, in a way which retains goodwill between all parties involved.

Get it right the first time, and selling your home may just be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!