Keller Williams UK

Training & Education

Training and Education are at the heart of Keller Williams, they are two key areas of value-add for agents and something we have found to be indispensable when it comes to building a business.
Two very important courses are Ignite and Lead Generation. Ignite is our foundation course for a relationship-based estate agency and is run every month for four weeks. The sessions are great at getting agents quickly in to production.

All Keller Williams training is unlimited, on-demand and bespoke. Naturally, we have training on estate agency skills, but much of it is about business ownership and mind-set. Our Six Personal Perspectives course, which is one of our four pillars of culture always receives great feedback from attendees.

The Lead Generation course is all about generating 36 transactions in 12 months with 3 hours of lead generation per day. Similarly to Ignite, the Lead Generation course runs every month and is a must-attend course to take you through a systematic approach to all of the different kinds of lead generation activities you can do to succeed.

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