Keller Williams UK

Our systems, tools & resources

KW Agent has been designed and built specifically to provide the systems, tools and resources that agents need to thrive as business owners. KW Agent is easily accessible and its resources are structured in the order you are likely to need them – this is your go-to resource.

KW Agent is designed in line with the KW principles, guiding an agent from joining KW, all the way to building a business to finance their goals and dreams.

Keller Williams has a very robust Agent Business Plan based on the 4 models, that we go through in detail with every potential agent as part of their journey. This business plan gives each agent a clear guide to the levels of activity they need to generate, the size of the database that will deliver the leads required, a budget where they can plan their marketing investments and business expenses and finally an organisation model where individuals can plan to build their team in the months and years to come.

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