Keller Williams UK
Keller Williams is a business ownership model that you can follow, everything is documented and organised into four stages which we break down into four models for success.

Think of your Economic Model as a formula that describes the way your business works – it is your equation for success. Once you have set your goals in your Economic Model, you now need to generate the leads to feed it. The key to Lead Generation Model is creating ‘Mind Share’ (which means you are the first person someone thinks about when they think property) with enough people.

The next stage is your Budget Model, it is about understanding what happens to your money between the time you generate it and when you get to keep it. the final model in the series is your Organisation Model, this shows you how to grow your business beyond just you, when you are doing everything you can, you should look to create leverage and build your team.

Each of these four models is tried and tested. Your Market Centre Leadership Team are experts on each model, trained to consult and guide you through the process of building them and sticking to them. We do everything we can to make it seamless for you to build your business.

The Keller Williams Model is relationship-based, meaning your growth is dependent on your ability to build relationships and deliver an amazing service to your customers. Being a relationship-based business owner means that your primary goal involves building a database of clients who believe in and are advocates for your service meaning your business will grow indefinitely through repeat and referral business.
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