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KW Productivity Coaching

Productivity coaching is the vehicle that helps our agents to bridge the divide between understanding what it takes to succeed in estate agency and actually doing it. Focus, purposefulness and accountability are all key ingredients to the success we all strive for, those traits rarely come naturally.

Productivity coaching gets agents motivated to embrace accountability as one of the most powerful tools available to achieve any level of success you desire.

Once your business is operating at a certain level of production, we recommend you start your MAPS coaching journey. MAPS stands for Millionaire Agent Productivity System and is comprised of a number of programmes designed for agents to help their business reach the nex level, including BOLD and Mastery.

BOLD stands for Business Objective Life by Design, this programme intends to shape your positive mindset and redefine the way you think about your success.

Your Market Centre will provide you will all the direction and resources you need to undertake any of Keller Williams’ coaching programmes.

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