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How Does The House Sale Process Work?

The process of selling your home has some fixed steps which ensures you sell your property with known parameters and helps you get the best possible price, so you can have greater control over securing a new mortgage for your future property.

Take a look at our handy guide below:

Step 1

Chat To Your Local Keller Williams Estate Agent


Estate agents bring unrivalled value and expertise into the sales process, so the first place to start is to get in touch with your preferred Keller Williams agent.

Ask questions, let them know what your goals and dreams are, and talk through what you’re hoping to get out of the sale. This is just a casual chat. It gives you a space to explore your ideas without asking for any commitment.

Step 2

Get A Free Home Valuation From Keller Williams


If you’re ready to sell – or even just a little curious about what your property may be worth – then the next step is to book a free home valuation.

We’ll come around for a chat and walk you through the key selling points that your home is already naturally standing out on. We’ll also highlight any areas for low-cost improvement which may help you fetch a significantly higher sale price when the time comes.

Step 3

Arrange A Home Report

A home report contains an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a survey, and a property questionnaire.

The EPC shows the potential heating and running costs of your home, the survey lets them know the overall condition and expected value of your property, and the property questionnaire includes useful information such as how long you’ve owned it, whether it has parking facilities, and which council tax band you’re in.

 In Scotland, home reports need to be available within nine days of marketing your property, so it’s a good idea to get one sorted as soon as you decide to sell.

Some parts of this are conducted by an agent or surveyor. Your Keller Williams agent can help you arrange your home report using our extensive industry network and can also be present while the Home Report is being conducted if you wish them to.

Step 4

Get Advice On Your Mortgage

It’s really important to take your financial options into account when planning a sale and searching for your next property.

The best way to get a full picture of your financial situation is to talk to an independent mortgage advisor, who’ll be able to analyse your circumstances and advise you on the best lenders to approach.

Keller Williams can assist you to find a suitable mortgage advisor if you would like us to.

Step 5

Prepare Your Home For Sale

First impressions are everything in property sales, so you’ll want to ready your home for viewings to get as much interest as possible.

Make as many small repairs as you can, and carefully consider whether you should upgrade your plumbing and boiler, because these are issues that might lead to downward price negotiation if left unresolved before a sale.

You may also like to invest in professional photos, or give your decor a neutral refresh before putting your house on the market.

Step 6

Marketing, Viewings and Offers

This is the fun part. You’ve made your home exquisite, so it’s time to let your property shine!

We’ll create engaging ads, post pictures on all the key property sites, and book viewings to fit in with your schedule. 

The property market is hot at the moment, so there’s a good chance you’ll have people lining up to step inside your home, which will hopefully lead to staunch competition amongst those putting in their offers.

Step 7

Finalise Your Paperwork

When you accept the best offer, it’s time for your solicitor to start the legal process.

This involves a series of legal checks, so that all parties are fully aware of the deal and know exactly what the sale includes.

Once everyone is happy with the conditions of sale, your solicitor will draw up new title deeds and transfer the ownership from one party to another. Part of this process is concluding missives, which means you’ll enter a binding contract to sell, and your buyer to purchase, at which point neither party can change their mind without penalties.

When the paperwork is complete, your solicitors ensure that all mortgages are processed, and the money is correctly exchanged.

Congratulations, Your House Sale Is Complete!

Selling a property is an exciting time, so you may have already found a new home, or you may be spoiled for choice for where to head next.

Once the sale is complete, the final step is to choose a moving date, book a van, and step inside your new, more desirable place on the ever-expanding property ladder!