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The UK’s fastest selling neighbourhoods

The UK’s fastest selling neighbourhoods


Rightmove has recently announced the top UK neighbourhoods where homes are selling fastest… has your town made the list?

Out of the top ten fastest selling locations, seven were in Scotland – good news for those trying to sell north of the border. And whilst the market is generally more settled than last year, it’s still buoyant, with an average selling time of 55 days for the UK and 34 days for Scotland. For comparison, the average selling time for a home in March 2019 was 67 days.

Other findings in the report show that London is still the slowest market, with an average property sale time of 65 days. Properties that lie in commuter belts for major cities are selling faster than last year, for example Windsor in Berkshire, Knaphill in Surrey, and Cowley in Oxfordshire – albeit they didn’t make the top ten list.

Here’s a few of the featured top ten, including a few examples of homes for sale through Keller Williams agents!


Falkirk, Stirlingshire – Average sale time: 22 days

Racking up a number of accolades in recent years, including “Most Beautiful Town” and “Best Walking Neighbourhood”, Falkirk is steeped in history and has won the top spot for the fastest house sales this quarter. With an average sale time of only 22 days – if you’ve got a home here the chances of a quick sale are high!

If you’re looking to sell or purchase a property in Falkirk, get in touch with Keller Williams Agents [email protected] or [email protected]



Renfrew, Renfrewshire – Average sale time: 24 days

Another historic Scottish town, only six miles outside of Glasgow, it’s proximity to Scotland’s largest city undoubtedly has undoubtedly played a part in the fast house sales in the area. It came in at position number 3 on Rightmove’s list, with house sales taking an average of 24 days.

If you’re looking to sell or purchase a property in Renfrew, get in touch with Keller Williams Agents [email protected] or [email protected].




Hall Green, Birmingham – Average sale time 26 days

 One of the three English towns making the top ten, Hall Green in Birmingham came in at position number 8 on Rightmove’s list. Sitting west of Solihull in the South East of the City, Hall Green is known for good schools and suburban living. Yet another commuter area, it’s only six miles outside of the city centre – making it an excellent option for commuters. 

If you’re looking to sell or buy a property in this part of Birmingham, get in touch with [email protected] or [email protected]


What relationship-based estate agency means to us and what that means for you.

What relationship-based estate agency means to us and what that means for you

At Keller Williams, our view is that building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships is not just more enjoyable, but it is also more productive. High-street agents can seem to be locked into the traditional approach to the service they can provide, which can be and feel very transactional, meaning they are very unlikely to  be invested sufficiently to want to build a relationship with their customers that will last longer than the transaction itself.

The difference with Keller Williams agents is that they focus on building relationships with their clients, regardless of whether they are actually buying or selling, by consistently adding value to their lives, sometimes property related, sometimes not.

The way we think of our business is that if we know and care about a group of people and build relationships and trust with them, they are likely to want to use our services whenever they have a property need because they will prefer to deal with a trusted friend.

We also think it is likely that if they receive an amazing service, they are likely to recommend us to their friends and family, very similarly to how many mortgage brokers in the UK. We want to become our customers’ go-to property resource as many Mortgage Brokers are the go-to financial resource for their clients.

We believe that loyalty and genuine care for our clients is the best way to operate any business, especially in estate agency, Keller Williams agents don’t expect customers to feel forced into using their services, rather, they must earn your business and advocacy.

For a Keller Williams agent, the long-term relationship with their customers is much more important than any transaction.



Buyer representation: What it means and why you should consider it.


What it means and why you should consider it

When considering purchasing a property, buyers will rightly ask us the question “What is buyer representation and why do I need a buying agent?” In the UK, we traditionally associate the idea of agent representation with selling a property, but this perception is starting to change.

The right buyer agent can make the difference between getting a good deal and a bad one on a property. A good buyer agent should also ensure you have a buffer between the daily stress of purchasing a property and the crucial decisions that you need to be in the right headspace to make. Let’s explore these questions to understand the tangible value of employing the services of a buyer agent.


What does Buyer Representation mean?

Typically in the UK, only sellers receive representation from an agent during the process of selling a property. Estate agents are traditionally invested in the best interest of the seller, which can leave buyers navigating the purchasing process with zero guidance.

We believe the traditional approach doesn’t make sense from the buyer’s perspective. This is why Keller Williams encourages the use of a Buyer’s Agent, who is employed specifically to ensure the best interests of the buyer, meaning both sides of the negotiation and transaction have a professional acting in their best interest.

Why would I pay for buyer representation when I don’t need to?

Purchasing a property is likely one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime, we completely understand the scepticism around having to spend more money to engage buyer representation. However, the right buyer agent could and probably will actually save you money on your purchase.

A professional negotiator is very likely to be able to agree a purchase price at a lower level than a buyer acting alone, who is likely to be emotionally attached to the property they wish to own. A buyer’s agent has the local knowledge, negotiation skills and experience to give buyers an advantage when it comes to dealing with a seller, who will almost certainly have a property professional supporting and negotiating for them.

By employing a property professional, you will have someone working on your behalf to take the pressure and stress away from you, who truly has your best interests at heart. As part of their fee, a buyer’s agent will also provide expert support throughout the mortgaging and conveyancing process, make recommendations where appropriate and cut through any industry jargon so you have clarity around your purchase.

We feel that the overriding reason to employ a buyer’s agent comes down to money – a professional buyer’s agent is very likely to save you more than their fee in the final price you will pay for the property, meaning the service you pay for is likely to cost less than the price you could negotiate for the property on your own. Also, agreeing to a fee isn’t the sole purpose of employing a buyer’s agent.

While getting the best price is a key service provided by a buyer’s agent, the fee you pay will also include several other services that will make purchasing your property a far easier and more enjoyable process.

You can choose to employ the services of a buyer’s agent at several different points throughout the purchase – from searching for properties, enquiring and conducting viewings to professional negotiation, supplier management and sales coordination.

Buying a house is naturally a very emotional and involved process. Investing in a buyer’s agent will ensure you feel as comfortable as possible throughout and go on to achieve the best price possible on your new home.



What does fiduciary care mean in estate agency?

What does fiduciary care mean in estate agency?

When enlisting the services of a Keller Williams estate agent, you will likely hear the phrase ‘fiduciary’ brought up regularly. It is important to us that you truly understand what it means to receive a genuinely fiduciary service and why it is a core tenet of how we operate as a company.

According to Collins Dictionary, “Fiduciary is used to talk about things which relate to a trust, or to the people who are in charge of a trust.” To put this in perspective when it comes to estate agents providing their clients with outstanding service, there is no one better to explain it than Keller Williams co-founder, Gary Keller.

As Gary puts it, “For the very best real estate agents there is a level of service they provide that goes beyond even their purpose and value proposition. It is the commitment they make to the buyer and seller to act as a true fiduciary—to place their client’s interests ahead of the interests of all others, including their own.”

Keller Williams agents are taught to go above and beyond the transactional services provided by most traditional estate agencies. When you move with a Keller Williams agent, you shouldn’t just expect the highest levels of service, but an experience that allows you to trust in your agent to work in your best interest throughout every stage of your property journey.

Chances are, you have dealt with at least one estate agent in your lifetime. Enlisting a Keller Williams agent should demonstrate a level of quality that you haven’t experienced before and truly show you the difference between adequate and exceptional service, or as we tend to refer to it, the difference between Fiduciary and Functional service.

We provide our agents with industry-leading training and technology so they have the necessary tools to deliver a service that revolutionises the way estate agency works in the UK. All of this is to help ensure you achieve the results you want, in the time you want and with the ease you deserve when you move, all from a trusted professional.

A guide to moving with minimum stress – whether you are buying or selling.



While getting the best price is an essential service provided by your KW Agent, the fee you pay for the services of a Keller Williams agent will also include many other services that will make moving a much more easy and more enjoyable experience. Let’s go through each phase of moving and outline how paying for the representation of a Keller Williams agent will make your life easier.


Your Keller Williams agent will discuss your dream move with you to get an idea of exactly what you need from your property. Using live market statistics and their extensive market knowledge, your agent will identify appropriate homes for you to view and present you with a list of options. They will arrange viewings, help you ask the right questions, and then consult you on the things you loved and didn’t like about each home.

Once you decide on the property you love, your agent will discuss an appropriate offer with you before negotiating on your behalf. One of the benefits of having a buyer’s agent is that they will be able to negotiate without emotion to ensure you achieve the best price possible, including a list of elements that support a reduced price, including any required repairs or maintenance.

If you haven’t found one already, your agent will recommend a Mortgage Broker and Conveyancer for you to use from a list of professionals they work with every day and trust.

Your agent will verify the seller, ensuring they have a valid reason for selling, checked any upward chain and found out about any previously aborted sales. This includes making sure that you are supported around any issues that arise from the survey.

Once a price is agreed upon, your agent will ensure your mortgage still reflects the initial valuation and renegotiate if required.

Finally, your Keller Williams agent will liaise with all parties to ensure the transaction remains on track and completion comes as near to your timescale as possible.


Your Keller Williams agent will use their experience and market knowledge to identify the correct price to list your property for. You will be consulted before your property is listed and will always have the final call on pricing.

Your agent will conduct all viewings of your property and feedback on any offers or questions that potential buyers may have. Once your property starts generating offers, your Keller Williams agent will work in your best interest to secure the optimal fee for your home, including supporting statements to ensure your asking price is met or exceeded.

When you have settled on the offer you would like to accept, your agent will act quickly to ensure all parties move smoothly towards your agreed completion date.

Your agent will also recommend any removal services you may require, as well as ensure keys and paperwork are handed over at the right time. You may even wish to consider enlisting your Keller Williams agent when searching for a new property, which they can help you with simultaneously when helping you sell.

This hopefully shows that the priority in every Keller Williams transaction is you. Your Keller Williams agent is trained and provided with the tools to make your property journey an enjoyable and easy one, leaving you to enjoy your move as you deserve to.

How Does The House Sale Process Work?

How Does The House Sale Process Work?

The process of selling your home has some fixed steps which ensures you sell your property with known parameters and helps you get the best possible price, so you can have greater control over securing a new mortgage for your future property.

Take a look at our handy guide below:

Step 1

Chat To Your Local Keller Williams Estate Agent


Estate agents bring unrivalled value and expertise into the sales process, so the first place to start is to get in touch with your preferred Keller Williams agent.

Ask questions, let them know what your goals and dreams are, and talk through what you’re hoping to get out of the sale. This is just a casual chat. It gives you a space to explore your ideas without asking for any commitment.

Step 2

Get A Free Home Valuation From Keller Williams


If you’re ready to sell – or even just a little curious about what your property may be worth – then the next step is to book a free home valuation.

We’ll come around for a chat and walk you through the key selling points that your home is already naturally standing out on. We’ll also highlight any areas for low-cost improvement which may help you fetch a significantly higher sale price when the time comes.

Step 3

Arrange A Home Report

A home report contains an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a survey, and a property questionnaire.

The EPC shows the potential heating and running costs of your home, the survey lets them know the overall condition and expected value of your property, and the property questionnaire includes useful information such as how long you’ve owned it, whether it has parking facilities, and which council tax band you’re in.

 In Scotland, home reports need to be available within nine days of marketing your property, so it’s a good idea to get one sorted as soon as you decide to sell.

Some parts of this are conducted by an agent or surveyor. Your Keller Williams agent can help you arrange your home report using our extensive industry network and can also be present while the Home Report is being conducted if you wish them to.

Step 4

Get Advice On Your Mortgage

It’s really important to take your financial options into account when planning a sale and searching for your next property.

The best way to get a full picture of your financial situation is to talk to an independent mortgage advisor, who’ll be able to analyse your circumstances and advise you on the best lenders to approach.

Keller Williams can assist you to find a suitable mortgage advisor if you would like us to.

Step 5

Prepare Your Home For Sale

First impressions are everything in property sales, so you’ll want to ready your home for viewings to get as much interest as possible.

Make as many small repairs as you can, and carefully consider whether you should upgrade your plumbing and boiler, because these are issues that might lead to downward price negotiation if left unresolved before a sale.

You may also like to invest in professional photos, or give your decor a neutral refresh before putting your house on the market.

Step 6

Marketing, Viewings and Offers

This is the fun part. You’ve made your home exquisite, so it’s time to let your property shine!

We’ll create engaging ads, post pictures on all the key property sites, and book viewings to fit in with your schedule. 

The property market is hot at the moment, so there’s a good chance you’ll have people lining up to step inside your home, which will hopefully lead to staunch competition amongst those putting in their offers.

Step 7

Finalise Your Paperwork

When you accept the best offer, it’s time for your solicitor to start the legal process.

This involves a series of legal checks, so that all parties are fully aware of the deal and know exactly what the sale includes.

Once everyone is happy with the conditions of sale, your solicitor will draw up new title deeds and transfer the ownership from one party to another. Part of this process is concluding missives, which means you’ll enter a binding contract to sell, and your buyer to purchase, at which point neither party can change their mind without penalties.

When the paperwork is complete, your solicitors ensure that all mortgages are processed, and the money is correctly exchanged.

Congratulations, Your House Sale Is Complete!

Selling a property is an exciting time, so you may have already found a new home, or you may be spoiled for choice for where to head next.

Once the sale is complete, the final step is to choose a moving date, book a van, and step inside your new, more desirable place on the ever-expanding property ladder!