Posted on 24 August 2018

The importance of scheduling you before scheduling business

Since 1983 in the USA, we have been assisting agents in building a life that prioritises all the important elements and creating a business around that. This is the exact opposite to what most people end up doing - creating a business that they are a slave to and that consumes their time, life, and energy.

Every individual will have different priorities of what is important to them, but some of the universal ones are:

1. Spending more time with family and friends

2. Being able to be at home when children are small

3. Maintaining good health through exercise and reduction of stress

4. Being able to pursue hobbies and activities that make us happy

5. Being present for key milestones in a child’s life like school sports days, teacher/parent meetings, graduation etc.

6. Being able to work flexible hours to pursue another business or related activity.

A recent article in “Business Insider” caught our eye as it was about how First Lady Michelle Obama managed to have a family life, despite the huge demands made on her time and energy.

Michelle had to balance her own agenda and work, her commitments through being wife of the President, and her own family and personal life, which included uprooting her family to move into the White House.

"What we learned we had to do is start prioritising us alongside — and often before — the work," Obama said. 

What Michelle did was undertake “time-blocking”, a process all Keller Williams agents are urged to follow.

This means mapping out all your priorities (as above) in your calendar months in advance and making sure that you stick to them. You then allow your business to fill up all the time in-between.

"Proactively, starting every year before I booked anything, agreed to any meetings or conferences, I sat down with my assistant and we looked at our lives first," she said. "We put potlucks in there, we put date nights in there, I put my workouts, we put our vacations on the calendar first."

Any time remaining could be spent doing work. It's a different approach than many take, with dinners and workouts scheduled on days when there aren't work commitments. 

"Oftentimes we don't do that as professionals. We schedule work before we schedule us," Obama said. But it doesn't have to be that way, she said. "The truth is even when you schedule your family, there's still plenty of time for work. But we don't plan like that."

Michelle found that this system allowed her to enjoy family life and she says that, despite being President of the USA, Barrack never missed a parent/teacher meeting!

This is a great testimonial to the concept of time-blocking.

Michelle’s experience shows how successful the time-blocking system can be in helping you build a life and business that you love and that fulfils all your personal needs.

In this short video, Keller Williams UK MD explains the time-blocking system taught to our agents and market centre owners and how it has worked for him: 


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