Posted on 20 June 2018

Keller Williams Lands In The UK!

Keller Williams is a hugely successful estate agency business that started out in the US, and has now become a global phenomenon.

The company launched in the UK a short while ago, and now has hubs in prime London, Yorkshire, and Scotland.

In this short video, our UK CEO, Diane Griffin, gives a brief history of the company and its credentials:

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Our youtube channel is chock full of videos to assist you in understanding the Keller Williams proposition and how it might be just what you are looking for to create a business that fits in with your life, rather than your life fitting in with a business.

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If you would like to know more about the amazing business opportunity that Keller Williams presents, then please get in touch for an initial informal conversation. We're looking for entrepreneurial people who understand and subscribe to our unique culture and want to provide an incredible and positive experience for their clients.

Keller Williams is on a mission to revolutionise estate agency in the UK and you could be part of that journey and success story!