Posted on 31 August 2018

Keller Williams is one of the most successful estate agencies in the U.S.

Keller Williams is one of the most successful estate agencies in the U.S. and they didn't achieve that accolade without offering something really special!

The company has spent some £40m developing technology worldwide in the last year. As the largest agency brand in the world with over 180,000 associates working in 34 countries, Keller Williams is world's number one training organisation across all industries as named by "Training" magazine.

One of the things that our agents always highlight is the flexibility of the business model.

Keller Williams facilitates you in building a successful business around your life, instead of shoe-horning your life around your business.

That is perhaps why the business model & systems appeal to a wide variety of people in different situations and at different points along their business journey.

We seek agents to work out of "hub" offices called market centres, which give the individual agents desk space, IT support, CRM systems and training facilities all for a monthly figure of less than £200.00 (at the time of writing).

This appeals to many people from a financial perspective, not only because the monthly running costs are reasonable, but also because there are no huge upfront costs involved.  This makes starting with Keller Williams a far lower risk than some other franchise propositions.

Some of the profiles of people coming on board with us include:

>  A London taxi driver who wanted to work estate agency around her existing job.

>  A landlord with his own portfolio who wants to start managing properties for other people.

>  A 23 year old graduate who wants to learn the property ropes in order to generate an income to become a landlord and then manage his own properties through his KW business.

>  A former executive Mum who has been on maternity leave, but wants to return to work on her terms, where she can fit her business around child care.

Keller Williams was recently in the media with a call to action for Mums wanting to return to work.

“Women make great estate agents but only 15 percent of agents are women" says Keller Williams UK MD, Ben Taylor.

"Why is that? There are 1.7m graduate mothers who don’t return to work because of childcare responsibilities - and the sheer cost of childcare - or because there aren’t the jobs available to allow them to combine family and career” he says.

“The same is increasingly the case with men who want time out to be with their family”. “I’m not being politically correct - I’m just saying that there’s this pool of incredibly talented people which agency as an industry is missing out on. I want to harness these for Keller Williams.

”Whilst Keller Williams only recently launched in the UK, our American colleagues have been running since the foundation of Keller Williams in the US in 1993.

This means that they have many more success stories to share, and this latest video from our US colleagues highlights some of those:


Keller Williams currently has market centres in Central London, London Bridge, Leeds and Glasgow, but we're looking to expand into major cities across the UK and we are looking for motivated people to join in our success as we bring a proven formula to UK estate agency.

“Our model reduces the risk associated with starting an agency business", concludes Keller Williams MD, Ben Taylor. 

"Our worldwide growth is driven by a simple concept which allows agents to launch their own business with access to leading training and technology for a few hundred pounds”.

"For a mother or father wanting to spend time with their children and not work absolutely full-time, our fee-structure system is ideal. Even if they do only 12 deals a year they can build a good business from that.”