Keller Williams UK

The common perception of real estate professionals and agents in the UK isn't synonymous
with my own values - I like to work differently.
The industry is awash with businesses that prioritise raw numbers over relationships - a
price drop here, another tick on a board there, another number at the weekly meeting. I
know that this isn’t the way to do business, no matter how entrenched this mindset is. Early
on in my career in property, I realised that you can break the mould yet still achieve fantastic
results. I enjoy the reaction I get when people realise that you can work with an agent to sell
or buy your home and it needn't be a negative experience, quite the opposite.
I work incredibly hard for my clients, giving them the information that matters, maximising
their sale price and helping secure the best price for their onward purchase; knowledge and
experience are useful but knowing how to deal with people is vital. The process of selling
and buying property is infrequent for most and emotive for all, you need a good agent to
guide, advise, and be on your side. This is the reason I enjoy what I do.
My business’ main currency is integrity. There isn’t a single purchase or sale that I know I
can’t add value to, and it is the perfect time for me to draw upon my experience and
showcase something better.
My company will be focused on results but not to the detriment of service or the experience
of buyers and sellers. I intend to be the go-to agent in my area for any property related
transaction or query.
I have been lucky enough to work in fantastic locations across London and have spent time
in all spheres of the property industry. It is a natural step for me to do what I enjoy, in the
area I know best, working with my neighbours, friends, and my local community. There is a
reason I chose to live where I do, I intend to use every ounce of my experience to make a
positive impact in my own area and do well for my young family.

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