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Natalie Muckersie

Natalie Muckersie

Your local property expert

I have two passions, people and property.  In more recent years I explored my interest in property.  In response to my attention to detail and enthusiasm, I was gratefully approached with the opportunity to work with a property investment company managing renovations and liaising with UK and international clients.  This experience was invaluable for my learning and development in property and building trusted relationships with different trades and services involved in the buying, renovating and selling processes.

Buying and selling property is likely the biggest and most important transaction we make in life often with mixed emotions and a very personal endeavor.  I have started up my business as a Property Agent to provide the best possible quality of care and commitment, for the best possible outcome, for my clients selling and/or buying property.

I have chosen to partner with Keller Williams, the largest estate agency globally as they offer not only world class market leading training for best client service and best agent practice, but support and personal development with a network of over 185,000 associates world-wide who share the same culture and vision.  This vast network and business model benefits clients with exposure to a truly global audience of buyers and premium levels of care and professionalism to ensure the best results. 

On a personal note, my accomplishments so far have come from having genuine compassion and being conscientious.  I studied Psychology to better understand people and our unique differences in thoughts, actions and feelings as a result of our individual wants, needs and experience.  This enabled me to make a positive contribution assisting in varied work environments from government research, the juvenile justice system and a non-profit organisation run by disabled people to empower disabled people.  

Now my focus, through communication, trust and integrity, is to make a positive contribution working closely with clients selling and/or buying property.  To listen and give personal attention, to meet their wants and needs with the best possible outcome, be available and present and ensure a positive and successful experience enhanced with a team of local and global experts for additional support and reassurance throughout the whole process.

If you have any questions at all regarding selling and buying property or about me, please do get in touch for a chat.

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