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Kelly Archibald and Linda Warren

Kelly Archibald and Linda Warren

Your local property expert

Who are we?

Linda and Kelly are a team of two successful women who have paired up to create the perfect duo of property knowledge and experience, exactly what you need to sell, value or monetize your property and provide you the best possible deal.

Linda is a single mother of three. Zimbabwean born, Linda left Africa in 2017 and successfully relocated herself and her children to Scotland. She freely admits she made so many mistakes buying her first property and having done so is passionate about passing on her knowledge to help any home owners minimise potential pitfalls. Having started her own business – Northern Lights Property Investments – with business partner and friend Kelly Archibald, Linda is the definition of hard work pays off, and she will do the hard work so that you don’t have to!

Kelly is a local lass and brings the in-depth knowledge of the Edinburgh property market, having lived in Edinburgh her entire life. If there’s anything you need to know about Edinburgh, or property, or property in Edinburgh, Kelly is who you want to talk to! A dedicated property specialist, Kelly noticed a gap in the personalised services for both buyers and sellers and has brought this stalwart approach to the team.

Together, Linda and Kelly make the perfect combination of hard work, knowledge and what it takes for two women to not only be successful in the modern property business arena but also to do so ethically, encouraging each client to take an active interest in the property-sale-models offered. Putting your faith in Linda and Kelly to bring you exactly what you want is a smart investment and a sure way to get the most out of your property.

 A note from Linda and Kelly:

“Hi, we are two women who established our property company in early 2021. Our venture blends our deep-rooted passion for property with a commitment to delivering remarkable outcomes for our clients through a personalised approach. We aligned ourselves with Keller Williams – a globally recognised leader in estate agency - to provide personalised and professional services for our buyers and sellers”.

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