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Emily Henaghen

Emily Henaghen

Your local property expert

I was born in Hamilton, Lanarkshire and lived there until the age of 12 before moving to Clydebank where I lived my teenage years and now into my 20’s.

As long as I can remember, business was all around me as a child with my family being involved in launching and growing businesses in all different industries. This definitely focussed my mind on that intention for myself as I grew. Even when I went to university, I studied International Business with Spanish as my intention was always to own my own business at the end.

I started my 1st business at the age of 14 and got involved initially in property through an internship from which I was offered a role within a letting agency. This has allowed me to develop a wide range of knowledge, skills and competency in the property industry. It has taught me that a home is a critical element of our happiness and success in life. Without it, people struggle. So, this was my motivation for creating an estate agency as I get to support people in the local community to find and provide homes so they can have the life they want.

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