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Ben Shaw

Ben Shaw

Your local property expert

My name is Benjamin Shaw, but everyone calls me Ben.

I was born in Oxfordshire and went to school in Berkshire before leaving school for University in Swansea.
I now live back in Upton the small South Oxfordshire village that I grew up in and consider myself very much part of the community as I am the chairman of the local Parish Council, run a local Board Games Club and actively take part in lots of fundraising for local community projects, not to mention that I am an established Estate Agent in the Oxfordshire area.

Why am I sharing this with you, well simply put it's because recently my personal life has changed dramatically, and I decided that life was too short not to take the opportunity to work for myself.

Why might you want to work with me? Well, I have 6 years of Estate Agency Experience but, more importantly I have bought and sold property locally for my own portfolio of investment since 2012 which I have found sets me apart from other agents that I have worked with or competed against in the past.
I’m certain that like you, I find it difficult to trust someone with my life savings unless I know that they understand my perspective and why would you put any faith in someone that doesn’t know what it’s like to experience the stress of buying or selling their own property or running a rental property portfolio.

That is fundamentally the reason that I have started my own Estate Agency Business. I am passionate about looking after my clients without the restraints of being a part of a large commercial agency which is my background.

My previous experience working for others, is that customer service is only important in as much as avoiding bad reviews, but often not trying to understand or resolve the root cause of the issues clients face with some agencies.
So, my company is going to be different.

My company will aspire to become the go-to estate agency for my clients regardless of whether they are currently moving home or letting their property out. It will be a company based on well-built relationships that deliver results and a service that adds value to the clients that it represents as well as giving back to the local community.

In order to deliver this, I have partnered with Keller Williams (the world’s largest International Estate Agency), who provide all of the facilities that you would expect from a large commercial agency but, allows me to run and structure my business in a way that I feel best allows me to focus on the really important thing, which is my services to my clients.

My passion is to add value to my clients by being a resource available at any time for property advice and to keep my client network informed about the property market enabling them to make the right decisions for themselves and their families whilst also brining local community events to their attention, which make this part of the country such a wonderful place to live.

If you or anyone you know, have any property questions, no matter your level of experience in the market, please do reach out, as I would be delighted to help.