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9 Top Tips To Get The Best Price When Selling Your House

Making your house as attractive as possible will be the key to getting the highest possible price.

 Most buyers are easily pulled towards the shiny things, so if you take note of these handy tips you can easily sell your property for a few grand more than you may have originally thought, bagging yourself some useful pocket change in the process!

1 - Sell At The Right Time

Property prices are at an all-time high, with little sign of the upward trend reversing. These things are often hard to predict, but developments in your area may mean your property isn’t following Google’s market trend.

For example, if planning permission for a local attraction is just around the corner, your area may be increasing in value faster than other areas just a few streets away.

When you work with an experienced estate agent such as Keller Williams, we bring genuine market insights into your complimentary property valuation.

This first-hand knowledge lets you take advantage of trends which are not always seen on Google, and puts you one step ahead of your competition in the buyer’s game.

2 - Take Your Time

Eye-catching properties sell quickly.

It’s not uncommon for us to see a quality home sell in less than a week, so you may receive more than one offer for your property, which gives you the luxury of choice.

If you’re not in a hurry to sell, see if you can use the popularity of your property to push the price up before accepting your final offer.

3 - Redecorate

If you’re seriously thinking about selling your house you should make sure your decor is as plain as possible, so potential buyers can see what they want to see, rather than get distracted by your personal style.

This simple fix makes your home feel less like the present, and more like the future your potential buyer hopes it will become.

Neutral decor means buyers won’t need to worry about fixing anything up after the purchase is complete, which will help your property seem like less work when compared to other similar properties your prospects may be viewing.

Lighting is also important, so you’ll want to make sure the windows are in good condition and the lightbulbs all work.

You may choose to put up a few cosy lights in dingy corners, or place mirrors carefully to help smaller rooms appear light and airy.

4 - Make Sure Everything Works

When buyers see a house that isn’t taken care of at a decorative level they’ll likely look for more significant reasons to bring down the price, if they’re still interested in purchasing the property at all.

For an uncertain buyer a small issue can become a big deal if they fixate on it.

On the flip side, potential buyers who see a house in good condition will likely assume everything works, and will be willing to pay a bit more for a better investment.

You might be thinking tiny things like wallpaper tears, squeaky door hinges and broken light bulbs aren’t going to change a house price, but presentation is everything.

It’s essential to pay attention to detail before putting your house on the market.

5 - Check The Heating

Everyone wants to feel snug in their potential new home, so it’s important to take care of the heating. Depending on when your house was constructed your gas boiler might be dated, or your home may still use storage heaters.

Older technologies present an opportunity to modernise. This ensures you’re not putting off potential buyers from an otherwise comfortable property.

Heating isn’t necessarily a cheap fix, but it can be a deal breaker or a reason to negotiate the selling price downwards, so it is sometimes worth spending a little money to fix it, if it means you will make more money off the final sale price.

6 - Add Some Special Touches

Sprinkle in a few bonus features to really stir your audience’s imagination.

You may like to include a dishwasher, add coat racks, or install a full-length mirror in a built-in wardrobe. These are smallish things, but it’s all about the inspiration.

Even if your potential buyers want to bring their own furniture and white goods, at the very it least it shows that you have space for these facilities, and the extra touches can really showcase the desirable lifestyle your property offers.

7 - Take Gorgeous Photos

Property photography is not nearly as difficult as it used to be. Most smart phones now have the ability to produce near-professional level photography with a few clever tricks.

Try to photograph your house in the hour before dusk with your curtains open, so you let in those brilliant blue hues from the sky. Switch the lamps on to make it feel soft and warm, and stand in the corners to make your rooms feel as large as possible.

A few carefully placed cushions or props will pop on camera. Always shoot from waist level to let your ceilings feel high and elegant, and use a little post-production editing to brighten the colours.

If your budget allows, a professional photographer can help your home stand out in the online property listings, so this is worth the investment in a crowded market.

8 - Market Your Property Correctly

When you sell your property through Keller Williams, we’ll take our time to understand why you love your home, and how someone else may benefit from purchasing it.

We then craft market-trendy phrases to make your house seem like the home of dreams, and place our adverts in all the right locations to turn curious eyeballs into genuine prospective buyers.

9 - Ask The Keller Williams Property Experts To Assist You

Securing the best price is about turning as many viewers into serious bidders as possible, and that means not turning off your buyers with the small things.

The exact advice you need likely depends on your personal situation, so if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market soon and do wish to put your best foot forward, it’s always best to get in touch with an experienced estate agent to explore how you can prepare your home for a quick, successful sale today.